The Sower Center began in 1998, in partnership with the International Institute for Restorative Practices, and is now Michigan’s leading provider of training and support for Restorative Practices in schools. The Sower Center approach aligns Restorative Practices with (1) firmly enforced behavioral expectations, (2) a powerful relational approach to positive behavior support—rather than conventional reward-punishment models—and (3) research-validated instructional strategies that improve student behavior by boosting academic achievement.

Can the Sower Strategy work in your setting?

• Schools

“The Sower Center introduced our district to powerful methods of instruction and behavior management. As a result, our test scores are up, our disciplinary incidents are down, our teachers are more effective, our students are more engaged, and our parents are appreciative.”
—Mike LaFeve, Assistant Superintendent, Roseville Community Schools, Roseville, Michigan

"The Sower Center’s training for both our staff and our students resulted in a more harmonious and achievement-focused climate at our school. It helped our staff to think about student actions differently. We can now reframe them in a way that helps students make better choices, which ultimately improves their critical thinking skills."
—Brittiany Sanford, School Leader, Nexus Academy of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio

• Criminal Justice

“In its work with law enforcement, courts, communities and schools, the Sower Center is helping to create a more civil and just society.”
—Hon. Brian MacKenzie, Chief District Court Judge, Novi, Michigan

• Treatment Programs

“The Sower Center's training and support have greatly enhanced our substance abuse treatment services by giving us pragmatic and effective methods for improving client/staff relationships, responding firmly and positively to misconduct, improving our clients’ communication and conflict resolution skills, and supporting our clients to pursue lives of dignity and independence.”
—Kori Loewe, Treatment Director, Mariners Inn Treatment Program, Detroit, Michigan