“This program is phenomenal! I hope and pray this program will be implemented in ALL schools.”
Cheryl Dudley,
Secondary Teacher Consultant

“The Sower Center helped us cut our days lost to suspensions by 73 percent in just two years, and we improved student accountability!”
David Phillips,
Middle School Principal

“Restorative Practices have given our educators powerful tools that help solve problems and improve the learning climate. This program connects families to schools, helps students develop self discipline, and provides a framework for making this systemic.”
Dr. Jean Schmeichel, Ed.D.,
Assistant Superintendent

“The Sower Center’s methods impressed me greatly. They brought respect and accountability back into the classroom. The students and I really enjoy the process, and we continue to use these powerful problem-solving tools.”
Virginia Cruz,
Elementary School Teacher

“The Sower Center has opened our eyes to what a school culture can be. It has taught us how to provide connections for our staff and students.”
Susan Shelton,
Middle School Principal

“The Sower Center has helped our students learn to resolve conflict in safe, healthy and positive ways. This approach has really reduced the need for punitive discipline.”
Dottie Frazzini,
Middle School Counselor

“The Sower Center introduced our staff to a variety of excellent strategies that help our students learn how to make sound decisions that regularly improve the climate in our building. Every day we feel the positive effects of this approach”.
Bill Zolkowski,
High School Principal

“Even very challenging students can become more respectful and productive using the Sower Center strategy.”
Jack Pelon,
Director of Adult and Community Education

“Over the past year and a half, I have seen significant progress in providing our students with an alternative to violence as a means of problem solving as a direct result of Restorative Practices.”
James Davis,
Deputy Superintendent

“Restorative Justice has helped make our school a safer, more humane place for students to be educated. We plan to continue this program.”
Bersheril Bailey,
High School Principal

“The Sower Center is helping to create a more civil and just society.”
Hon. Brian MacKenzie,
Chief District Court Judge